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The company

An introduction to MZA

In the rapidly changing communications landscape timely and qualified market insight into the latest trends and opportunities is increasingly critical.

MZA is a UK based analyst firm which has been providing expertise and analysis on global communications markets for more than 30 years.  Over this time MZA has built up an enviable reputation for providing granular insight on current and future trends supporting many of the leading vendors, service providers and channel participants with our services.

A key USP of MZA’s is the depth of analysis and expertise we provide not just at a global level, but importantly at a regional and country level.

With an all embracing service proposition including continuous research and custom consulting capability, MZA is perfectly positioned to support your needs for qualified, reliable and realistic market data and analysis.

MZA analysis focuses on the communications and IT market place in respect of continuous services which is supported by our extensive bespoke consulting expertise.  Our analysis and expertise spans both enterprise and consumer communications.

Based on an extensive programme of research and interviews, MZA’s business communications analysis services deliver the most reliable, qualified and realistic insight available at an individual country level, regional and Global level.

We appreciate that every clients needs are different and can tailor our analysis to your specific technology or geographic needs.

We pride ourselves notably on a high quality of customer service and responsiveness which is increasingly critical in a world where decisions need to be made quickly on an informed basis.

Our history

MZA was founded in the early 1980s by Chairman and Managing Director Mel Ziziros. As the communications market was liberalised throughout Europe and worldwide, MZA’s geographic coverage quickly expanded to encompass the key new opportunity markets in the worldwide market.

MZA has had long standing relationships with the leading vendors and service providers for communications equipment and services worldwide for many years. We have witnessed the evolving changing competitive landscape and notably the series of acquisitions and mergers which have occurred.

Our people

Our dedicated team are committed to providing the most accurate, insightful research products possible.

Our people

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