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About MZA


MZA are a leading communications analyst firm delivering insight and analysis into past and future trends within the communications market place. With more than 30 years experience of these markets and extensive industry contacts and clients, MZA is perfectly positioned to support your needs in respect of accurate and insightful industry analysis.

We provide granular analysis of business communications market spanning SME and enterprise communications solutions and services. This analysis provides insight on the complete market situation from pricing, through market opportunity, market value, competitor shares and distribution channel structure.

Our research and analysis is backed up by the a comprehensive methodology including an extensive programme of research we conduct not just at a global level, but importantly at a regional and country level.

With a blue chip client list, we are supporting many of the leading vendors, service providers, channels and consultants active in the market.


MZA offers expertise through multi-client and bespoke/ad-hoc consulting services and analysis in the areas of  business communications.

Business Communications Analysis

Our analysis of business communications market includes coverage of a number of key areas including: Call Control Platforms (PBX/IP PBX), Hosted/Cloud Telephony and UC Solutions, Contact Centre and Customer Care solutions, UC Applications (conferencing, messaging, team collaboration and clients) and devices (wired and wireless devices, videoconferencing endpoints).

In 2013 the new Global Hosted/Cloud Telephony service was added which examines the uptake of private and public hosted telephony solutions. In 2015 further new module added “Business Communications Telephones” which examines the relative growth and performance for proprietary digital and IP telephones vs non proprietary SIP telephones.

Consumer Communications Analysis (Covered until 2016)

Our analysis of consumer communications markets has included corded telephones, answering machines, teltams, isdn phones, fixed line progression, cordless telephones (encompassing analogue, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, DECT, PHS). MZA no longer provides “off the shelf analysis on this area”, but may be able to support bespoke consulting enquiries.

Recent Research

Our recent research outputs include:

  • Q1 2020 UC Call Control Market and Vendor Analysis – Global by Region and Country
  • 2020 Competitive Environment Module – VideoConferencing Endpoints
  • 1H 2019 Contact Centre – Market and Vendor Performance Review
  • Hosted/Cloud Business Telephony – Historic and Forecast Analysis – 2019 Edition
  • UC Call Control Forecasts – 2019 Edition
  • 2019 Forecast Module – On-Site Voice Mobility (DECT, VoWLAN, PHS, “other digital)
  • 2019 Forecast Module – Business Telephones
  • 2019 Forecast Module – Videoconferencing Endpoints
  • 2019 Forecast Module – Messaging and Clients
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