Global Conferencing Solutions Revenue Rises to US$7.9 billion in 2018

Global Conferencing Solutions Revenue Rises to US$7.9 billion in 2018

MZA’s latest update to its Collaboration Solutions market analysis has been published (June 2019) and shows that revenue attributable to conferencing solutions globally increased by 2% to US$ 7.9 billion at end user levels in 2018.

Comprised of revenue accrued from audio, web and video solutions that may be delivered as a service or as an on-premises installation, conferencing solutions are one of the most important components of the wider unified communications and collaboration market.

Conferencing solutions are generally expanding their capabilities, with the independent audio, web and video conferencing services increasingly blurring into single “meetings” platforms that users can join from phone, browser, app/client or video endpoint.

Access to conferencing services is becoming more ubiquitous, however significant price pressure and increasing feature capabilities have allowed organisations to consolidate multiple services and reduce their spend on conferencing solutions. There has been increasing democratisation of conferencing services, with a number of web and video conferencing providers expanding their capabilities to include specific applications for meeting room solutions and collaborative spaces.

Stand-alone audio conferencing continued to represent a significant proportion of overall conferencing spending in 2018, although the trend continues to be that organisations are moving away from these solutions and towards web and video-based solutions that offer richer functionality such as content sharing. Having said that, many organisations continue to keep their usage-based, stand-alone audio conferencing contract as a fallback option, with audio quality and reliability a key concern.

Competitive Landscape

In a very fragmented competitive market, there were many vendors and providers offering conferencing services to customers, either as specific niche products or wider suite solutions.

Cisco continued to lead the overall market in 2018 as its Webex Meetings platform was augmented by its video infrastructure and premises-based solutions to give Cisco a share of 20% of global conferencing revenues. Microsoft and AT&T followed with shares of 11% and 7% respectively.

With so many competitors active both globally and at a local/regional level, vendors and providers are able to establish positions based on technology or geography, with the largest vendors able to offer a range of solutions in a number of markets. Following Cisco, Microsoft and AT&T were LogMeIn, West UC, BT Conferencing and Zoom who made up the top seven players in worldwide conferencing revenue terms in 2018.









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