MZA Research shows Global Conferencing Revenues reached US$ 7.8bn in 2017 as North America dominates

MZA Research shows Global Conferencing Revenues reached US$ 7.8bn in 2017 as North America dominates

MZA has released its latest Collaboration Solutions market analysis, with revenues attributable to conferencing solutions reaching US$ 7.8 billion in 2017 at end user levels, with the large North American market accounting for over 60% of global revenue.

Conferencing solutions market value includes revenue derived from audio, web and video conferencing solutions, including solutions deployed on-premises and delivered as a service.

Traditionally organisations have paid for audio conferencing services based on usage with a per minute rate, while web and video conferencing services are typically paid for on a per user/host per month basis. Increasingly in recent years the lines demarking the features and capabilities of these various conferencing modes have become blurred, with many solutions able to offer a wide range conferencing options.

An increasingly mobile workforce has been a driver of conferencing solutions as organisations look for solutions that replicate the collaboration possible in face-to-face meetings, while a generational shift in the working population has required conferencing solutions to be accessible and intuitive to a wide range of users who have diverse preferences in modes of communication.

Despite a shift from audio-only conferencing solutions towards web and video conferencing options, audio conferencing remains an important part of overall conferencing revenues, with the reliability and quality offered meaning that audio conferencing is often integrated into or alongside a web/video conferencing service.

Competitive Landscape

The three leading players in the conferencing market in 2017 were Cisco, Microsoft and AT&T, between them accounting for nearly 40% of the global market revenues.

These players each used different strategies to achieve these positions, with Cisco leveraging its web and video conferencing capabilities to lead overall, Microsoft offering integrated services as part of a wider productivity suite of applications in second position, and AT&T’s heritage as a global audio conferencing provider helping it to third place.

The conferencing solutions market is a broad one, with a large number of competitors active both on a global and local/regional level. West UC, BT Conferencing, LogMeIn and Arkadin followed AT&T to make up the top seven conferencing providers by revenue worldwide in 2017.


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